School and Parent Handbook

Dear Students and Parents at St. Anthony School:
The Student and Parent Handbook is vital for all to understand the expectations for all departments of the school.  The Handbook will guide all of us throughout the year so we are all moving in the same direction.  Parents are reminded that the school requires ALL parents/families to read and understand the handbook each year. 

Parents are also reminded that they are required to send a sign off indicated they have read and understand the handbook to their child's teacher every fall.  Also on the Sign Off form, is the:


Photos of students will be published in the school newsletter, SAS website, social media such as Facebook, Catholic Mirror, and on occasion the local newspaper and TV stations interviewing or taking photos of our students.  IF YOU DO NOT WISH to have your child’s name or photo shown in any of these, please be sure to sign and return the forms school will send out the first week of school.

Parent Handbook